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Cupertino City Center

project description

The project is a renovation to the existing Cupertino City Center high rise buildings built in the 80’s.

The existing site contains 2 high rise towers connected by a podium of 2 levels of underground parking. The roof of the parking podium contains a plaza that connects the two buildings, with original stairs, and exposed glass elevator, and glass canopy connecting the underground parking to the plaza level. The adjacent properties, including the streets, access driveways, and adjacent plazas are owned and operated by a HOA/Common agreement with PROMETHEUS and a few other adjacent building owners.

Exterior work includes several a redesign of original elements. The project updated the two building’s corner street entrances. Some exterior granite-clad walls will be replaced with new cladding and punched windows. The project has new alley loading dock roll-down doors. There is a complete overhaul of the existing plaza with a new landscape design. One of the highlights of the project will be (3) 5 story ‘green columns’ in the courtyard, with a cable network suspended from the project’s existing buildings. The project includes an accent lighting “beacon” element at the top of the existing towers.


  • General Contracting
  • Value-Engineering
  • Construction Management
  • Preconstruction


  • Cupertino, CA