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As the General Contractor, W.E. Lyons Construction is responsible to coordinate with the owner and design team to ensure the owners objectives are achieved while managing and constructing the project.

Our approach is to ensure quality Subcontractors coordinate their work with all other applicable trade partners and our self-perform crews.  Lyons will typically self-perform the majority of the rough and finish carpentry work while partnering with specialty subcontractors.



A complete Preconstruction process is essential for a smooth construction process. W.E. Lyons Construction’s comprehensive Preconstruction efforts ensure a successful outcome for all projects. 

Our preconstruction approach integrates decades of constructability experience into the design prior to starting the construction process on site.  The project constructability reviews help to reduce the conflicts discovered during construction. Our preconstruction efforts identify anticipated costs for all scope of work and enables the design team to alter the materials and design to meet the budget. Detailed design, procurement, construction, and commissioning schedules are developed during preconstruction helping the team manage the critical path activities.


W.E. Lyons Construction considers Construction Management as the General Contractors obligation to deliver a service that provides effective management of the project’s schedule, cost, quality, safety, scope, and function.

The management skills include the implementation for decades of experience enabling us to continue to enhance our best practices and tools for managing and tracking progress.  Some of the software tools that we use are:


W.E. Lyons Construction’s mission it to prioritize and implement the owners specific project needs into the design while maintaining code compliance and constructability within the owner’s budget and timeframe.

This is a favorable delivery method for owners that desire the project to be completed quickly.  By having W.E. Lyons Construction manage the design and the construction, we are able to streamline the process and provide a completed project much quicker than any other delivery method. With the owner’s direct input, we can stream-line the design and incorporate design/build mechanical, plumbing, electrical and other specialties trades early.  This enables the contractors to implement best practices into the design during the design phase and expedites procurement and the construction process.